Curating Extraordinary Narratives:
Saloni Rampal Welcomes You to Soul of Drama

Welcome to Soul of Drama, where every exquisite piece of jewelry tells a captivating story and embodies a celebration of artistry and individuality. Positioned at the crossroads of tradition and contemporary elegance, our brand curate’s exceptional jewelry that transcends boundaries, embracing the diverse cultural tapestry of India and beyond.

Rooted in a philosophy that champions the power of local art forms, the authenticity of handmade craftsmanship, and the empowerment of women by women, Soul of Drama embarks on a journey through India's rich artistic heritage. From the vibrant markets of Rajasthan to the tranquil landscapes of Kerala, each piece in our collection reflects the diversity and beauty that defines India.

More than mere curators, we are storytellers at Soul of Drama, weaving narratives through carefully selected pieces that echo the soul of the regions they originate from. Our curation is a conscious effort to promote local art forms, preserve traditional craftsmanship, and provide a global platform for talented artisans.

Our commitment knows no geographical bounds; we collaborate not only with artisans from various parts of India but also from overseas, fostering a fusion of cultures and traditions. Embracing the handmade, we celebrate the unique imperfections that make each piece distinct, finding beauty in irregularities and the charm of handcrafted details often absent in machine-made jewelry.

At Soul of Drama, we invite you to explore more than just jewelry; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of self-expression, cultural exploration, and women supporting women. Our pieces go beyond being accessories; they are extensions of your personality, reflections of your style, and statements of your support for local artisans and their craft. Join us in celebrating the drama of life through the soulful artistry of jewelry.

Jewellery Philosophy

Soul of Drama: A Celebration of Artistry and Individuality in Jewellery

Saloni Rampal

Jewellery Curator


In the resplendent world of jewellery, where every piece narrates a story, I welcome you to the enchanting realm of Soul of Drama. Passionately curating this collection that transcends the ordinary and epitomizes the extraordinary. Our brand is not just about adorning oneself; it's a celebration of empowerment, a manifestation of individuality, and a declaration of your unique saga.

As a curator, I draw inspiration from the skilled women artisans of India who are truly the custodians of regional art forms. My Intent is to elevate their craftsmanship to a global stage, amplifying the impact of their handmade artistry. My curated collection adds a touch of drama to your ensemble, ensuring each creation is a statement of individuality. I am committed to empowering women through our handpicked collection, celebrating the brilliance of Indian art and artisans. At Soul of Drama, we provide a unique platform for customers to explore various forms of Indian and international jewelry artistry, offering both handmade and machine-cut options.

While my preference leans towards the authenticity of handmade jewelry, our brand aims to resonate with both personal and professional aesthetics. Whether for special occasions, personal mood boards, or professional needs, we have a piece for every narrative of your life. Join us in making Soul of Drama a part of your dramatic journey.

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Step into the allure of our founder's favorite piece—a masterpiece seamlessly blending conventional grace with contemporary charm. This jewelry embodies elegance and the undeniable allure of a boss lady, making it the epitome of sophistication and style in our collection.
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